Dec 6, 2017


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insecurities and society standards hit her barrier from both inside and outside
she's a fresh green grass; growing well, producing oxygen, and all those common things a plant could have, but
dont you see that people will always choose roses over grasses, wont they?
little did they know, her laugh is what keeps the tears from bursting out
"better to laugh at my own self than at the others,"
she thought during the day
the moon rises, as her wild thoughts do
saying "nevermind, you'll never fit in."
she hopes she'll see the sunlight someday but
right now she has to deal with herself
the one that she cant even stand if she were someone else
the sky is always there to hear her story
knowing that she cant just tell it directly to her folks because, well,
as a tough-ass loser she gotta stand up by herself and forget her tiny life obstacle, huh?
there comes the time where her barrier finally broke down
then she goes rebuilding it piece by piece and
eventually the cycle will repeat itself afterwards

-yas. (source: random tweets @ayaszki)

p.s. it’s totally fine if you want to read this from bottom-to-top

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