Mar 26, 2017

Tale as Old as Time

Gandalf and Bard The Dragonslayer in a movie?!
Give me Bilbo, Thorin, Tauriel
and lets have an unexpected journey!
....wrong fandom,
sorry not sorry.


Tale as old as time
True as it can be
Barely even friends
Then somebody bends

Nope, I'm not going to review the Beauty and the Beast movie, you can go to rottentomatoes if you want some expert review. What Imma tell you is sorta random thoughts that I couldn’t stop thinking about for days, well, here it is:

Personally, what I love the most in the live-action of Beauty and the Beast is that the filmmaker made the Beast a bookworm, as much as Belle does. And the moment when they were quoting Shakespeare and talking about books, then the Beast showed his tremendous priceless library, w h o a –that’s when I fell in love with this remake-version-Beast. The scene was too heartwarming it melted me inside!

They. Both. Love. Reading. I'm pretty sure it's also the bond that connects their feelings towards each other. Yeah, we won’t see the original Belle-teaching-Beast-to-read scene in this movie, but as a bookish viewer I just love the change so so so much, feels like I'd gladly pay out on the movie again just to re-watch those scenes. <3

Maybe it’s just me. Nevertheless, I think that the ‘inner’ really does more than the ‘outer’. I can’t deny that people will see the looks first, just like what Belle did when she told the Beast to step into the light. But as the time goes, it’s not about the appearance. Pure beauty comes from within. It comes from how we act.

Though the highly-educated Beast wasn’t on the original Beauty and the Beast movie, the remake did gave us more relatable connections to him. Beast is –literally- a beast. He was coldhearted, yet when we got to see his other side; the one that reads, we instantly love the character. It’s a magic that each of us will experience it in different ways, but I know that we all have that one soft spot on something particular and vice versa, whether we notice or not.

In conclusion, only dumb people who ships Belle with Gaston. bYE.

8/10 for the whole movie
126352917/10 for the lovebird's books scenes (ones we had from the middle till the ending whoops)

P.S. In case you don’t understand the reference in my opening, Gandalf and Bard roles in the Hobbit are played by Ian McKellen and Luke Evans, who apparently play Cogsworth and Gaston in this movie.

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