Oct 19, 2013

Nighty Nite Nite!

Gnite everyone!  Who are you spending satnite with? Lol i cant even answer it if you ask me back, yup at this saturday night im just alone with my lovely blog-.- Honestly i've been trying to open this blog since 4days ago, but i dont know whats wrong with my house because i cant get any connection when im at my room. And you know what, for writing this post, i've gotta go outside and now im here laying at front terrace (this is the best place to both having a good connection and i still can watch yks from here)-___- Embarrassing huh? But i do this because i love blogging, and i think blog is the only place i can share my mind freely._. I have many things to tell you bloggie, really random but thanks for reading hehe.

First, i wanna say happy eid adha for all moslem around the world! Sorry im late again, but im just hoping we'll have a bless year and will get a chance from Allah to celebrate eid again next year, aamiin o:)

Oh yeah, i was changing my username from raslaayas to larasatirizki_ :) on my last post i've told y'all that i already feel comfortable with my old username, it's true but the reason i changed it is only because i think SOME people didnt recognize me when using that username._. They dont know that Ayas is my nickname (even though i've written my fullname as my twitter name), so i decided to changed it. Actually i wanted to use 'larasatirizki' (without underscore) as my username, but it's already taken by account which has been suspended -__________________- wtf why dont twitter just allow me to use that username huh poor me-_-

Tbh i really wanna change the url of this blog._. I still love pandas but im thinking for another url, i have many options and i hope none of them has taken. Or if anyone wanna suggest me it's okay hoho. Just wait and soon imma tell you when i've changed it :D

Today is oct 19th, it's d-3 Prism!! Prism is katy's new album, and on oct 22nd it will be released officially yay! I cant wait omg, but........................................... nobody wanna
buy me that :( Well i hope the album will fall from the sky to my hands someday (?) whatta impossible dream-_- at least im still a katycat till now and im happy for it because i've been waiting for prism since about 1,5months ago._. You all should buy that on itunes or other stores! It has many great and lovely songs, no lie :b

Now i wanna tell you a story, um i mean curhat.___. Yup im having school holiday this week and i was thinking about this for long time. I was searchin for the answer and i’ve found it. I don’t know where to start actually, i was having some pain. No, not physically, just about me especially my mind. I know this is stupid, but i’ve ever thought and asked myself why i cant be like other? I always try to make myself better person but then i realize that my ‘goal’ was wrong. So foolish and i think i was really selfish ‘cause what I did was just comparing about what people have reached and why i cant be like that. I was dumb. I focus on what people reached and didnt focus on myself. That fucking dumb side of my brain always think ‘if s/he can do it, why cant i’ a way too much. Over. Yup i always try bcs i know if we want to success we’ve gotta try and try. BUT what i did was really over. I was only following the trend or even following of what people do without focus on my own ability. But now i learn that everyone has their own talent/skill/ability and i think i have it too, i still dunno what it is but i know that we’re all special in different ways. Maybe A is good at dance but bad at run, maybe B is good at art, but bad at photography, and there are still many others. I finally get it or i can say that now i realized that Allah gives us different talents each other so we can be special. Imagine if we’re all same, uh probably life will be so boring right? Start from today i promise I’ll focus to do ‘my own thing’, i’ll still try to do what people can, but not too much anymore. I wont care if there’s someone says im lame or kudet or something else. They’ll just wasting their time for a person that not as good as them at it ––me. Im good in different thing, i just still have no idea whats my ability till now. What i have to do now is just be myself, and i believe that day by day i’ll find out whats the special thing of me. As what i said before, i was having a really wrong goal. But now I decided that i’ll keep trying at everything because the goal is to find my hidden ‘skill’, not to make myself always as good as people than of what I actually can do. I’ll just let people do what they’re good at, and i learned that it means i have to let myself do it too. I was making a big mistake of my life, i was keeping it for long time without thinking the effect. Im really thankful bcs i’ve learned from my mistake and i believe from my mistake will guide me to be better at future. I hate being overthink person for my whole life, but overthinking gives me so many lessons i can find out. Im enjoying it. Thank God, He still gives me a chance to realize everything before late. A bit of my sadness has gone now, Alhamdulillah :)

Really really sorry to say, tapi menurut gue sih tolak ukur tiap orang kan beda-beda. Yaa mungkin beberapa ada yang nganggep kalo ada yang jago a, b, c tuh berarti kece atau wow atau apalah. Tapi kayaknya ga gitu juga deh, tiap orang punya kemampuan sendiri dan ga semua harus bisa di satu hal doang baru bisa dibilang bagus. Justru kemampuan-kemampuan yang beda dari tiap orang malah bikin makin terpacu buat ngembangin diri hoho :) Kenapa diri gue baru nyadarin itu sekarang ya, penyesalan emang pasti dateng belakangan :” Duh why im using bahasa?-_- Lmao i think im too greget._. :D

Last but not least, i wanna remind you all. Obviously you’ve known that………………………. 2014 is just 2months in front us! What have you done this year? Have you make a good change? Honestly i haven’t make myself better but lets try again together next year xD Gbye see you on the next post!

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