Wednesday, October 30, 2013

14th Birthday

Yay happy birthday to me!

Yeah, now im officially 14yo :D I dont hope for birthday present or something this birthday, but im really blessed and thankful. I got a very meaningful present, it's a life lesson. Thank God, I got through many things this year, i learned how to manage myself. Im still far far away from goodness, but at least i know my goal now. I know what to be prepared, im just hoping i can do them well. Hoping for a bright future, trying to make a simple thing gives a big meaning. I dont need perfection, i'll just make everything perfect with my own way. Bismillah.

To-do List a.k.a Goal (idk those are possible or not):
1. Find out my ability
2. Be an easy-going person on society
3. Just be myself
4. Get scholarship
5. Study abroad
6. Write at least 55 stories and poems
7. Play guitar well
8. Blogging, blogging, and blogging

Wish List:
1. Mazda CX-5 Blue
2. White Husky
3. Live in New York
4. College at New York University (Or Harvard/Cambridge maybe)
5. Travel abroad, especially to Japan
6. Be a famous author
7. Long hair
8. Long life, having 55th birthday

I hope i can get and reach them all someday, aamiin!

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