Aug 18, 2013

Hi Im Back!!!

And now i still cant believe we're in the middle of august. Oh. OMG what have i done last 7 months?! I realize that i pretty much wasted it, i feel terrible noo help meee. Yup. No one helps me. I hope there's someone reading this post and not 'peanut'-ing me like this. Please. Im begging. Fine. What am i talkin about? Its :) a :) very :) gaje :) opening :) thanks :)

Helloo? Are people still there? FIRST I'M REALLY SORRY FOR BEING 'HIBERNATION' FROM THIS BLOG. Well i think nobody waited for my new post but i feel kinda regret because this is my hobby but i've been so long didnt post anything. Im lack of idea and honestly i dont even know what to post now-___- There's no late for doing a good deed so even though Eid has passed but I wanna say Happy Eid Mubarak 1434H to all moslem around the world! May Allah bless us all and hoping we'll meet again on the next Ramadahan, aamiin :)
Once again i wanna tell you all --just in case if you forgot or you didn't know-- about my social media. First, my twitter. My twitter username is raslaayas. Almost all of my account have the username 'larasatirizki' or something else like that, but for twitter idk why but i already feel comfortable with that username. Maybe someday i will change it, i dont know. And then my instagram, nyunyu, songpop, heello, and fanfiction. As what i said before, the username for all those accs is larasatirizki. What about my facebook? Perhaps some of you didnt know if facebook has a username, but actually it does. When you see the link to my facebook www[dot]facebook[dot]com/larasatirizkiayas you'll realize that it's the username :p I dont use 'larasatirizki' because it's already taken. Then my skype, the username is larasatirizkii. Same as facebook, i wanted to use 'larasatirizki' but it's already taken too-_- And the last is my tumblr, its username and also its url is immalostinnewyork. Actually i still have many other socmed but i just wanna share you them,  c'mon follow me on twitter and instagram (it's free and ask for followback) and LETS CHALLENGE ME ON SONGPOP WOOHOW! :B Well, i dont know what to say, maybe i'll just finish this post and bye everyone, bye bloggie!

OH YEAH I FORGOT SOMETHING-________________- Yesterday was Indonesian independence day! Happy 68th to my beloved country, oh youre getting old but im proud being Indonesian with so many cultures around, 17 AGUSTUS TAHUN 45 ITULAH HARI KEMERDEKAAN KITAA!! ~~~(/ 'O')/ Sorry for doing a digital concert i hope you like my gaje voice even though you cant even hear it :p Maybe till now we're not a hundred percent 'merdeka' like what people yell everywhere, but lets make a better Indonesia together start from ourselves :) Okay, i dont know whats on my head and all these random thoughts--" Once again, bye everyone!

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