Monday, March 4, 2013


Heya all! Do you know about Benabook? Yep, Benabook is a book with Benazio Rizky Putra a.k.a Benakribo as the author and fyi, this is his first book. Y'all obviously know who is benakribo, dont you? Dont say that youre a blogger or twitter user if you dont know who is benakribo-.-

1000000000000% unyu maksimaaall

This is the cover of Benabook ( o.o)/ Well, the title seems like 'Pen nabook' (Read: Pengen nabok)-_- But Im sure that this book is a great book,,,,,dont you see its cover huh?!?It's soooo cute! The 1st time I saw the book I was like "Hm? What is that? Ow I see,,it's a sketch book right?" but then I was blogging, I opened benakribo's blog and.......
found out that it's a book with lifestory, riddles, and another fun things inside it. It's not a Twilight-or-The Hunger Games-kind of book, so it's not a problem if you're kinda lazy on reading,, Benabook is an easy-reading book! (y) We can read this book at anytime and it's the right book for filling up our free time!

It's gonna be awesome if I take photo like this
Honestly I really really wanna have Benabook! I dunno why, but I get moreeeeeee interesting for this book than another common books which have sold on bookstore (just like Poconggg Juga Pocong, Skripshit, etc). Maybe I was too excited and seriously I got a little bit confused when yesterday I dreamed that I have Benabook (I dunno where I got it) and I read it on my dream-_-. Well, Im just hoping that my dream will come true. If I've read it I promise I'll post the review on this blog later B-) 

If the front and back cover merged together<3<3<3<3
The book hasn't sold on bookstore yet (/','\) But dont worry, some online bookstore and benakribo opens pre-order for it. Of course price will be cheaper if we buy the pre-order than buy on bookstore, and.................. the special news is we'll get benakribo's signature if we buy the pre-order!

Anyway, the price of Benabook is still expensive for me eventhough the pre-order ones are cheaper-_- It prices 65k (normal price) and 56k (pre-order). Im not really sure that my parent will buy me the book and Im too lazy to buy it with my own money :"| *Halah* But Im sooo glad when @BanciKuis held a quiz with Benabook as the prize! :D ~( '-')/\('-' )~ Ncii,,,,,I wanna have Benabook so badly *begging* I hope I'll be the winner,,aamiin

See ya! Warm regards from Ayas for everyone who read this post :)

Bonus Picture  Fail Cartoon Face of Me
I just realized that my last name is same with bang bena, but my blog is not awesome like his :"( *Curcol* Um,,,at least I still thankful that my hair is curly and not kribo as his hair..........................................

"HAHA I dont hear anything........" zzZ

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  1. hi ayas!
    thanks for the post! ya ampun sampe kebawa mimpi juga hehehe..
    goodluck yaaa, kalo udah dapet bukunya, semoga bermanfaat dan terhibur! :D

    salam #Kribonisasi