Monday, February 11, 2013

Joining OPTIKA 13

Hello everyone!! In this post I wanna tell you my experience when I was joining OPTIKA 13. I just wanna share my experience and honestly I never thought to boast about this._.What is OPTIKA 13? It's abbreviation of Olimpiade Matematika 2013. That event held by Universitas Islam Negeri (UIN) Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta. The contestants of the olympic is a team with 3 students on it. And.........this event was joined by schools around Java ;O (Sorry I'm a liitle bit gaje-_-). 

At first I didn't sure about myself to join optika, well yeah Ive joined many math contests when I was in elementary school and I was too afraid that I couldn't pass the contest well. But..............I was called to principal room (with Zahra too)

and my principal convinced us that joining olympiad isn't about winning it, it's all about making new experience of our life and to dig our 'competitive soul'. Then me and Zahra agreed to join it and then we started practicing and doing some olympiad-type questions everyday with my teacher. Finally there were 2 teams from my school that will be joined optika, the first team is nine graders (Keyla-Zaza-Mutia) and the other one is my team with me, Zahra and Ivan as the members. Y'all already knew that Zahra is my bestie and on the same class as me, while Ivan is seven grader which ever won silver medal on national-standard science olympiad (well I feel envy with the first and third generation in my elementary school because they ever won olympiad U.U). We tried and prayed everyday. And then on Saturday, February 2nd 2013 we all had to face the olympiad.  Whoa at first I didn't feel anything, but when we arrived and I saw soooo many contestants over there.............................................that random feeling came to me. I felt so asdfghjklhjdnj and I got more nervous when my mind gave me the scene when I was 5th grader joining math olympiad. Then the one thing that came to my mind was 'Just walk straight and never look to people'. Well, that way was successful and I didn't feel nervous anymore. 
My nametag :D

The olympiade started at 10am. My team code was 'B240037' and I always said that our team is team 37-_-. We entered the room and I prayed and took a deep breath and saying basmallah. The committee gave the questions paper and then we directly did it because we only given 2 hours to do the questions. 

We did question by question without any panic. I don't know why but we were so calm, until that last 30 minutes came................................... well this was an embarrassing epic moment but I think it's okay to tell you all about this 'epic' moment. In the last 30 minutes we three started to get a restless when doing the questions. But why? Because suddenly we were 'dying' to take a pee-__________- 

Seriously we three felt the same 'sensation' and we were so 'rempong' when the time had over, we ran in rush and we instantly rushed out to find the bathrooms-_- But I was glad that we had finished our questions and after that we went to the mosque to pray zuhur. Then, my teacher and us went to a restaurant and ate there. We went back to UIN and then my teacher said that the committee will publish the top 10 teams from every category and province on optika official website. We went back to our school and then I got home. 

The first time I saw the result :')
At night I was waiting for the announcement but until 10pm the website hadn't post it. Then I slept and when I woke up in the morning I instantly checked my phone and then I found out something............................. our team passed to the next stage, and alhamdulillah we were ranked 5 of 107 middle school teams. I just can't believe it, I was so grateful to Allah who gave us a chance. Well I felt regret to myself because I was ever pessimist._. But then I realized that everything has its own time to be good. The next day there was a complicated panicking incident (you mustn't know about this._.) but after that me,Zahra, and Ivan went to UIN again to do the stage 2 questions. Alhamdulillah the questions were easier than it was on stage 1, but we only done 9 questions (again-_-). The next day I went to school as usual. When the school time was over, me and Zahra went to my teacher's room to asked about the result. Well, this time we didn't pass to the next stage but I was still glad that we had an extra experience for my life. Maybe this ain't the time, but I'll always remember the moment when I joined it. I will learn from my experience and keep fighting :D

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