Jan 12, 2013

4 Stages of 'Liking Something'

On my opinion, there are four stages when you like somethin (once again, something not someone). Check it out:
1. Fav This: This is the stage when you read/listen/watch something and then you think you like that. But you only make that thing as one of your favorite things.
2. Just-Like: You start finding out a little more info. For example: the series (on book), the album (on music), or the sequel (on movie). You read/listen/watch those new info you've found.
3. Middle Fan-atic: You know the contains about the thing you like. Then you admit yourself as a fan of that. You also join the fanbase of the thing you like and showing the world that you're a fan of that.
4. Max Addicted: You find out about all things that related to the thing you like, everyday your brain instantly thinking about that. You know every single-tiny thing about thing you like. When someone ask you something about that, you don't need a long time to find the answer. You're just lovin it with all your heart!

Everyone has something they like, but how much they like 'that thing' is different. It's all depends on your heart and your brain. And you cant say you like something if you're just follow the trend and dont use your heart. xoxo :)

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