Jul 19, 2012

Some Kinds of Friend (In My Opinion)

Friend. Everybody has a friend, so do I. In my opinion, there are some kinds of friend: friend, true friend, best friend, fake friend, and frienemy. What's the difference? Lets check it out..

1. Friend: Umm, I think I dont need to explain this..
2. True Friend: True friend is a friend who will be there for you anytime for just the way you are. It's hard to find a true friend. So, if you've found a true friend, dont ever let him/her go and make him/her your best friend.
3. Best Friend: Best friend is a friend who very close to us and usually has same favorite things. Best friend isnt always a true friend. But, if you feel that your best friend is also your true friend, you're lucky.
4. Fake friend: You must be careful with this type of friend. Fake friend is a friend that friends with you only because they want something from you or a friend that only there when you're success. Fake friend will leave you when you down.
5. Frienemy: Do you know what's frienemy? Yea, frienemy is friend-enemy. Maybe you have a friend that sometimes makes you happy, but that friend also makes you feel annoyed, but you dont have any bravery to tell he/she about what you feel, but he/she always do the same things you hate of them, what you can do is hide your feeling because there are some reasons that you cant tell. If you ever felt like what I've written, therefore your 'friend' is a frienemy.

Well,those are just my opinion. No offense, okay?

"There are some kinds of friend: Friend, true friend, best friend, fake friend, and frienemy. Just get closer with the ones who you feel good." -Me-

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